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You lose if you're envious. You can only do your best with your own abilities. - Kang Gary

Seeing this and when Dong Wook guest on Running Man, I really think he’s a really nice and fun guy to work with. See how close he was with Jihyo back then, and now with Da Hae. Saranghe, Dong Wook Oppa!! <3

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BIGBANG; The Great Concert Exclusive - Daesung Day!

This is too cuteee!!!

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Kenapa ya belakangan kita jadi sering berantem? Perasaan dulu kita fine-fine dan seneng-seneng aja. Sekarang gue jadi berasa salah mulu, mau ngapain juga jadi takut. 

ride or die gzbz + text posts

think I’ve found one ;)

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