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You lose if you're envious. You can only do your best with your own abilities. - Kang Gary

Daesung: "Failure" is not "falling down" but "remaining on the spot where you fall down."Taeyang: Is that from a toilet in YG?Daesung: Yes, I saw it in a toilet. ©
Daesung: "Failure" is not "falling down" but "remaining on the spot where you fall down."
Taeyang: Is that from a toilet in YG?
Daesung: Yes, I saw it in a toilet. ©

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Undoubtedly one of the best songs that has been released this year in Korea. Gary and Gil make a great duo, but I think Jung In fits better with Gary’s style. Gary does an excellent job of mixing up his partner’s voice with his rapping style.

Now, I don’t wanna blast K-pop because I love K-pop, but a song like this deserves ten times as many views as any K-pop song that has been released this year. The fact that this song is at 1/10th the views that Red Light is at is absolutely tragic. 

This is the song I’m going to show artists I’m working with now. 

There’s too much emphasis on being literal and not enough emphasis on alluding to something different to say the same thing. San E’s song was fun for me because of how straight forward he was with it:

Whip me baby if you wanna go faster

But Gary’s style in this song is to allude to the same thing (sex) but with a different approach:

I ride behind you, your hips looking especially fine today
Makes me think of other things
You turn around and see me day dreaming
You scold me, but you already know what I’m thinking

The best thing about this song is how it could mean anything if you don’t listen to Gary’s part. Gary is obviously emphasizing that he wants in on the booty, but Jung In’s part in the chorus gives off a different feeling:

Don’t stop, I love this feeling, I love it

And I think that’s something everyone can relate to (hopefully). You can copy and paste that onto any moment in your life and it’d be perfect: meeting you first love, having your first kiss, buying your first pet, new car, new house, etc. Ultimately, I’ll personally tack this on to romantic feelings in my life.

This song has English subtitles, so don’t feel like you’re gonna get thrown off. I highly recommend checking this song out. If there’s any song you need to check out, it’s this song. 

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Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.

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Seeing this and when Dong Wook guest on Running Man, I really think he’s a really nice and fun guy to work with. See how close he was with Jihyo back then, and now with Da Hae. Saranghe, Dong Wook Oppa!! <3

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BIGBANG; The Great Concert Exclusive - Daesung Day!

This is too cuteee!!!

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